Pitfalls buyers face when purchasing a home

Despite your realtor's best efforts, not every house purchase will go according to plan. Having a trusted realtor on your side will make the process smoother.
home buying pitfalls

1. Price Conflicts

Not being able to come to an agreement when offering or counter-offering. Not every offer may be successful, it’s important not to let our emotions take charge, as well as to know when it’s best to walk away and keep searching.

2. Strata Document Red Flags

Stratas come with a whole new set of rules and procedures you’ll need to follow. It is so important to understand all the rules put in place, and your realtor will help you make sense of them. Often times there may be red flags that arise from the strata documents. We must discuss the issues at hand, and decide if we want to proceed with the purhase, or restructure our offer accordingly based on the documents. For example, if there is a known special levy of $7500.00 coming up in the near future, we can issue an addendum reducing our purchase price by the cost of the levy.

3. Possession Day Hiccups

You’d be amazed how often sellers leave behind a messy house with the garbage left out come time to take possession of your new home. Trust that I will take the problem personally, take action to resolve the matter, and will work with the selling agent for compensation. This is an issue that I take personally and will be there on-site to help get it corrected and ensure my clients end up happy.



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