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A brief

Tyler has always been a driven, hard worker, getting hands-on with each and every endeavour he’s chosen to take part in. With a career that started in plumbing and installing geothermal heating in custom West Vancouver homes, Tyler’s love for real estate was sparked when he started renovating kitchens and bathrooms. He loved the joy his clients radiated when seeing their newly renovated spaces finally reflecting their full potential.

With ambitions to start his own company, Tyler spent a few years working in the oil fields saving up capital and quickly earning respect and promotion to foreman. After the oil fields, Tyler’s business acumen assisted him in growing his new plumbing company to over 25 employees and starting a second renovation company creating custom bathrooms and kitchens. As much as Tyler loved redesigning and renovating spaces, he didn’t love how much of the process depended on sub-trades whose values didn’t always align with his.

Tyler knew he could combine his passion for top-notch customer service with his appreciation for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms to help others find the perfect home. When Tyler became a licensed Real Estate Agent, he also found great honour in earning others’ trust in selling their most prized assets. His greatest joy is successfully closing a deal with each and every client, leaving them feeling they got a great deal and supported through every step of the process.

Why work with ME

Why work with me


You'll learn what we know

Regardless of if you’re buying or selling, and even when you’ve done some research,  many people still don’t fully understands the real estate process from start to finish.

It’s important to us that you are comfortable and fully understand what is going on, so we will always carefully explain each step of the process from start to finish before engaging in our agency duties. There can be an overwhelming amount of information to learn, so we are happy to repeat ourselves if something slipped your mind.

Creative Problem Solver

Every deal is going to come with a unique set of circumstances, and we’ve become experienced enough to solve problems quickly. This means we are always there for you, even when you might think our job is done.

One of our clients claimed his new home on possession day and the house was a disaster, so we hired cleaners right away and drove there to pick up the dog poop that was left in the backyard.




There is both an art and a skill to negotiation, something we continue to perfect both internally and externally. Coming out of the crazy market of 2021, at times we knew it was in the best interest of our own clients to negotiate with them.

We’ve talked clients off the ledge of wanting to put more money into an offer than the property was worth just for the sake of them wanting the win.

the Ultimate Middle man

Especially for first time buyers, there is a myriad of mortgage brokers, home inspectors, notaries and other groups to navigate. From start to finish, we walk you through who you need to speak to and when so that you meet all the groups required to finalize your deal.


a few
personal notes



I met my lovely wife while on vacation in Mexico. Together we have a pitbull named Mila, and a 2 year old son who loves to explore the world!



My favourite restaurant is Fort Langley's very own Saba Café



Having living everywhere from the oil fields, to Richmond, Murrayville, Brookswood, and Walnut Grove, I was drawn back to Langley to raise my family because it has everything any parent would want and need to raise their family in. Even once planned office towers are built, Langley will still have a “From City To Farm” feel.

Bucket List

Bucket List

Start a family
• Own property in Mexico to accommodate guests and tourists
• Tour Europe
Travel to New Zealand



• Reading 1 book per week
• Relaxing on the golf course
• Spending time with family
• Visiting the in-laws in Mexico



In order for me to feel accomplished, my clients must obtain success. I wake up every day with the determination for my clients to win.

Ultimately I want to do something great and ensure my kids have the best life possible.
Going Above & beyond

Tyler Waldron is an award-winning real estate agent in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan areas. Regardless if you’re a first-time home buyer, investor, or standard purchaser looking for your new home, Tyler will always go above and beyond while serving you.

Tyler Waldron
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