9 Ways a Realtor Helps You Buy a Home

You may already be familiar with the steps to purchasing a home, but did you know how a realtor helps with this process?
9 ways a Realtor helps you buy a home

1. Initial Consultation

Here we meet either in person, virtually, or by phone to have a conversation to help me thoroughly understand your needs and find out if I’m the right fit to be your agent. At this stage I would ask if you have been pre-approved for a mortgage, if the answer is no, I would suggest setting you up with the Mortgage Broker I work closely with to get the process initiated.  

2. Enter Into an Agency Relationship

At this stage, we have decided we will work nicely together and we are going to start viewing properties. A couple of forms will be submitted for signing and ID will be collected for records.

3. The Search

Once you’ve established financial qualifications and deposit requirements, we will begin to tour properties that fit your criteria. I will send over lists of currently listed properties on a daily basis, booking whichever ones in you find attractive for viewings based on your schedule. During our viewings, I will ask detailed questions about things you like VS things you didn’t like about the viewings. This helps when deciding on which place to present an offer on, as well as will help me get a better understanding of your exact wants and needs.

4. Finding The Right Home For You

So we’ve viewed a handful of options and now what? If we haven’t found the right one, we keep looking. If there are 1 or 2 you like, I will help guide you to make a decision on which one to place an offer on. I will assist you in deciding the key elements of your offer: Price, Deposit Amount, Dates, and Subject Clauses and Conditions.

5. Presenting an Offer

I will prepare your written Contract Of Purchase and Sale, and then present your offer to the listing agent once all signatures are in place. Once the offer has been submitted, I will discuss any counter-offers presented back, assisting you to negotiate what is in YOUR best interest.

6. Post Acceptance Home Inspection & Document Review

Now that your offer has been accepted, I will work closely to work toward Subject Removal. I will review all strata documents (if applicable) and will notify you of any concerns. I will assist in scheduling and communicating with a certified Home Inspector. I will collect, personally review, and send you the current Title, Property Disclosure Statement, and Home Inspection Report, and will work with your Mortgage Broker to ensure the sellers have all information required to approve your financing. I will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding any of the documentation provided, often communicating back and forth with the listing agent to iron out any uncertainties or wrinkles along the way. If ANY of the items above don’t align with your needs and requirements, we simply do not remove subjects, going back to step 3 and starting again.

7. Subject Removal

This is an exciting day! Granted everything aligned accordingly during our due diligence process, I send you a Subject Removal Form to sign, which I submit to the listing agent. The deal is now Sold Firm, and the noted deposit in the Contract of Purchase and Sale is collected and held in trust (becoming a part of your purchase price). From here we select a Notary or Lawyer to handle your file for all closing documentation.

8. Completion

On completion day, you will bring the final purchase amount, less the deposit, to your Notary by way of a Bank Draft. At this time, the Notary will collect the funds to transfer to the seller’s notary, and in exchange will register the Title into your name for the property. Congratulations, you are officially a homeowner at this point!

9. Possession

This is the day you receive your keys! As your agent, I will collect your keys and do a walk-through of the property to ensure everything is as stated in the Contract of Purchase and Sale. I check items such as cleanliness, properly working appliances, and properly working plumbing. I ensure the property is as-it-was at the time of presenting an offer. Any issues that may arise that do not line up with the agreement will be handled by me.

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