4 Challenges a Realtor Will Help You Overcome when selling your home

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1. Listing & Viewings

Just the process of having your home listed can be overwhelming for most people right off the bat. Prior to listing, I always schedule a meeting with my clients so I can sit them down and walk them through the steps. If they are worried about the place needing a good cleaning, I advise them that I will send a cleaning company (paid for by me as part of my service) to give the place a freshen up prior to photo day. On photo day I arrive with the photographer and make adjustments room by room to ensure the photos turn out as perfectly as possible.

I always ask what the preference for viewings are, since some clients require no notice at all, others require 24 hours, and some only prefer showings on certain days of the week. All of which are documented and acted on to avoid frustration. My goal is to make the selling process as uninvasive to the seller as possible.

2. Offers & Counteroffers

Navigating through offers and advising which offer to work with, when to counter offer, and what to counter offer. Sometimes we need to get creative on how to structure a counter offer. Everything needs to be taken into account including but not limited to:

  • What subjects we are and aren’t OK with a buyer including
  • Does their possession day line up with the date the seller is looking to move?

3. Lack of Action

A big worry on the selling side is your listing not getting any action. If your listing is getting little to no showing requests and the open houses sit empty, it’s very important to be radically transparent that the market may have shifted and a price correction is required in order to get some action. It’s never a conversation a seller wants to hear, but it can be absolutely critical to the sale of a home.

4. Subject Removal

Subject removal can be stressful, a ton of questions can come from the buyer’s agent prior to a subject being removed. Often times quick solutions are required in order to have subjects successfully removed. Amongst other things, the seller might be asked to provide documentation to prove renovations were done properly or asked to prove when a roof was redone, it is important that I, your selling agent, be sharp, quick thinking, and fast to ensure any wrinkles are ironed out to firm up a deal. I always do whatever I can to ensure subjects get removed from the sale contract. Sometimes we have to get creative to do so, such as offer a slight price reduction in the event something has made the buyer leery (an old hot water tank or whatever it may be).



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